Blue C on porcelain 

C Blue on grey stoneware rectangle

Unglazed red stoneware round

Dark JO over JO glaze on grey stoneware rectangle

JO glaze on grey stoneware oval

Unglazed red stoneware w/slip semi-cascade

Bronze green on grey stoneware

Bronze Green on grey stoneware oval

​Below are example styles, clays and glazes.  In a reduction firing environment all but the most "regular" glazes (e.g. Blue C below) as well as unglazed clay bodies present a lot of variation.  For specific interests, drop me an email..

Nitju #1 glaze on white stoneware round

Shino glaze on white stoneware 

Blue/Green/Grey Matte on White Stoneware

Dark JO glaze on grey stoneware